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I was attending a meeting the other day on the possible drafting of rules on using the Internet for partisan election-related political activity. A friend who was also in that meeting made a joke about me being passive on 2005 about blogging but hit back with a vengeance from 2006 onwards.

Then realized this friend, despite the fact we don't get together face-to-face that often, quite knew me well.

There are many ways that a market can be disrupted. It is only a matter of who is doing the disruption. How much infrastructure, resources, time, and commitment can you pour in to mold the market & competition in your desired form?

Disrupting the market is usually done when you have a long term goal of putting your competition out of business or challenging the status quo. That is by giving the market a better, realistic, affordable, and wiser alternative that they can either do it on their own or outsource with the right information on hand.

What also makes a disruption effective is if it can be done in a way that is not replicable or where opponents appear lacking originality and can be seen right away as a blatant copycat.

Why disrupt? Apart from securing the area where you stand on, it is also about giving the market an alternative by changing their perception about a product or service. As the market corrects itself, you can only hope that you still remain there.

On a personal level, it is also a reminder that desired correction of ourselves takes time, Oftentimes, self-disruption is required.

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